Choose Your Scent Cupcake Candles (Individual and 4-packs)

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These cupcake candles are almost too cute to burn....almost. The scents match the decoration. These feature a single wick and wax cupcake wrapper. They come in cute bakery boxes so they are the perfect gift. You can buy these individually or make a 4 pack and save $4.* All of our candles are hand made in the USA. 

Burning Tip: Be sure to burn these on a plate as they do melt. Once the candle is fully burned remove the wick and place the pieces of wax into a warmer (save the extra in a baggie). These smell incredible in a warmer and will allow you to enjoy the scent three times as long. 

*$8 each or 4 for $28 (use the code CUPCAKE at checkout)