Top Five Must-Have Fabrics for Spring and Summer

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The season of sun and sweat is almost here and switching to string tanks and shorts seems to be the only way to cope with this weather. While it’s more tempting to strip off the extra layers of fabrics from your outfits, you don’t necessarily have to compromise fashion and style. There are a number of fabrics and materials that are made for the hot days. You can play with your creativity to show off your fashion and style sense by utilizing these fabrics. Keep up your style game by choosing the coolest fabrics for spring and summer and shine.

  1. Cotton

The most popular natural fiber all over the world combines the distinct features of affordability, adaptability, availability and comfort. The best qualities of cotton fabric are that it is highly breathable and doesn’t trap the moisture and heat on your skin. It has a soft and lightweight structure that makes it ideal for the use in spring and summer outfits. The great thing is that it can be dyed and printed so easily that you will find many fabulous clothing items made of cotton. The only downside of cotton is that it is prone to wrinkling.

  1. Linen:

Just like cotton, linen is another natural fiber that looks sleek and feels lightweight when you step out in the summer heat. The major benefit of linen is its low thread count, which means it has good breathability when temperatures rise in the summer. There are countless styling and design options for this fabrics which make it a summer wardrobe staple. Although light-weight, linen can be considered a tough fabric that is durable and affordable. Linen clothing feels breathable and airy because it absorbs the dampness and sweat we have in warm weather.

  1. Silk:

Silk is a natural and luxurious fiber that can be created into dazzling outfits and clothing items. This fine natural fabric is costly, but looks extremely high end and feels light weight. That being said, it is not recommended to wear silk fabric in the scorching summer heat as it could get damaged. Silk is ideal for warm spring days.

  1. Chambray:

 Just like cotton this fabric is also cool, light weight and feels great on hot and humid days. The best part about chambray is that it resembles denim. This allows you to style it accordingly without feeling weighed down.




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