Styling Your Shorts This Summer

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Style Your Shorts Innovatively:

The best canvas a person can use is their body. We can dress and accessorize all we want; if we mess up one day, we can start all over again the next day, it's that simple. The best time to show off your unique fashion sense is Summer. It’s the best time of the year, where you don't have to hide under layers and layers of clothing. Shorts are an essential in summer’s heat. Here are a few ideas to style your shorts this summer.

The Perfect White Blouse:

A crisp white blouse is the perfect thing to go with your shorts. The fun part are the designs; you have all the designs in the world. I personally adore a ruffled sleeve. The wide sleeves balance the length of the shorts. Not only that, you can pair it with wedges, open toe sandals or roped flats, add in a huge tote to complete the look in style.

Shorts and Kimono:

I love shorts, a tank and a long, thin kimono for summer. Kimonos are extremely stylish and lightweight, while offering coverage. Adding a kimono will elevate the look of your shorts, it will also give a pop of color to your simple tank top. Make sure you have a brilliant contrast like a white shirt and a colorful kimono.

Off Shoulder Top:

Another great pairing with shorts is an off the shoulder top. It allows you to stay cool and be comfortable. Throw on a cute bralette and allow the straps to show. Check out the double strapped bralettes at They are beautiful and were made to be seen (atlease a little)

Shorts and a Tank:

I love the cage tanks that are popping up everywhere. It’s a nice twist on a summer staple. Tank tops are a go-to for warmer weather. They are easy to wear and keep you cool. A simple tank with a front tie or criss cross details are the perfect casual outfit.  

Shorts are cool, trendy and a summer favorite for everyone. Since you see them everywhere, it's hard to find new ways to style them. Enjoy your shorts this summer with these cool styles.

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